Carlsberg Cup Winners – Our Peña

We were the winners of a tournament that brought together the supporters group of Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid. Carlsberg Cup was the sponsor and we had a great time playing soccer alongside our peers. We raised enough money as well to support a charity.

Real Madrid Houston Peña on ESPN97.5 FM

Real Madrid Houston Peña President was on Soccer Matters ESPN 97.5 with Glenn Davis Thank you for the invite Glenn and Kosta! Please be sure to follow Glenn Davis on his social media account in order to be up to day with everything soccer related and tune as well to the radio or check us … [Read more…]

ICC at the NRG Stadium Great news for Houston!!! Despite it not being Real Madrid playing we have to support it to show them that ICC needs to come to NRG every summer!! Get ready Houston!!! Manchester Derby this summer at NRG!!! Let’s show them why they need to bring ICC every summer to NRG and hope Real Madrid … [Read more…]