Así se vivió El Clásico en USA http://us.as.com/us/2016/12/03/album/1480792884_692814.html#1480792884_692814_1480793221    

Round Table – Houston Supporters – Bar Munich

Excited to be a part of putting together a FIRST TIME EVER event that brings all of the European Football Supporters Groups in Houston, TX to one place. ESPN Radio show Soccer Matters w/ Glenn Davis will broadcast live from Bar Munich, we’ll do a round table live on air, etc. Who’s club has the … [Read more…]

Navidad en el Barrio

https://www.navidadenelbarrio.org/events/ScheduleOfEvents.pdf Proudly Serving Children and Our Community Since 1987 For more information, please contact Izzy Gomez, 832.689.4518 or email, izzygomez3@aol.com Navidad En El Barrio (NEEB) is a 501(c)-3 non-profit charitable organization founded in 1987. Our mission is making life more pleasant for those less fortunate than others. Diversifying its interest to all age groups has … [Read more…]

Friday Harbour Charity Field Day

Real Madrid Houston Peña supported Friday Harbour last Saturday 11-19-2016 where 20 non-profit organizers competed in an Olympic style tournament. Real Madrid Houston Peña doesn’t only support the best team in the world but we support our great city of Houston as well.