What is the benefit of being a part of the Houston Peña?

Past: Bein Sports has been keeping an eye on us and just like the last ‘El Clasico’ at Galway Hooker and Taps House of Beer, they covered our watch party live!!! With free give aways and all!!! We have given away match scarves for champions league! La liga has given us many different things such as shirts, hats, glasses, soccer balls, etc!

Members have met with Florentino Perez and Emilio Butragueño in the ICC game held in NYC in 2016! In 2017, members met Raul and Butrageño at a gala for members of other peña’s in the USA!

Present: We are the 4th largest city in the USA of the best team in history!!! LA, NYC, ATL, Chicago all have a Peña! It is time Houston became the largest peña in the USA!

Future: Our objective is to grow as a big as the other Peñas like LA for example in order to draw attention from Real Madrid and have them come to NRG for an ICC match! That is the reason they go to cities like Dallas, LA, and NYC, because they all have Peñas!! We need to do the same and make a name for ourselves!!! We also wish to work alongside different charities and do some volunteer work!

Together we know we can accomplish great things!!!

You can CELEBRATE like this with us!

Visit this link for more info on becoming a member!

Hala Madrid! Himno del Centenario